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Project Jukebox Programs, The University of Alaska Fairbanks Oral History Program, holds copyright to the recordings and transcripts used on their sites. The Oral History program has special permission to use the images included in this program and we thank all of our contributors for their help. We provide access to these materials strictly for educational and research purposes. The fact that recordings, images and transcripts are posted on this site provides public access to them, but does not constitute a right to copy, make a profit from or publish these oral history materials. No use (beyond limited quotation) should be made of these interviews without the express permission of the UAF Oral History Program. Permission must be obtained for publication of any material beyond that which might jeopardize the integrity or value of the whole copyrighted work, as covered in the Fair Use portion of United States Copyright Law.

 To gain permission email Leslie McCartney, Oral History Curator at, write to:

UAF Oral History Program, Elmer E. Rasmuson Library, UAF, P.O. Box 756808 Fairbanks, AK 99775-6808 or call (907) 474-7737

We ask that researchers approach the material with respect for, and awareness of the cultures and individuals whose lives, ideas, and creativity are represented here. Because of the dangers of cross-cultural misunderstandings, we encourage users to become knowledgeable in the cultural backgrounds of the speakers before interpreting and referencing these works in print or media publications. Users are strongly encouraged to consult the Guidelines for Respecting Cultural Knowledge established by the Assembly of Alaska Native Educators and the Principles and Best Practices of the Oral History Association.

Site Use:

  1. This material cannot be used for commercial purposes. Short quotes and references are permitted for instructional or educational purposes.
  2. If short quotes are used, provide complete citations referencing speaker, interviewer, date, tape number, jukebox program, and Website with URL Address.
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